Stand-up 101


4 Week Class.  Max Class Size: 5.  $150 Fee.
Offered on Mondays. 6:00PM-7:00PM.
Classes meet for 4 consecutive weeks unless otherwise noted.

Full Class Schedules and Class Performance Dates


Class Description
This four-week course will teach you the basics of what you need at stand-up comedy’s “ground zero” by teaching how to write, edit, and perform the minimum 4-7 minutes of material needed to function at the open-mic level. Everything taught in this class can be learned by getting on stage numerous times and figuring it out for yourself, but we want you to progress faster and learn from our mistakes. You will get one-on-one feedback on material from a working comedian. This class will also focus on basic etiquette, as well as embed good writing and performing habits. Students will perform in a graduation show at the conclusion of the class.

Class Performances
Class performances are usually scheduled on the first available Friday at 7:00PM immediately following the last session of class unless otherwise noted. Class performances are $5.00 and to the public. Invite your friends and family. The bar is open for graduation shows.


Other Requirements
No students under 17 years old will be permitted in class without approval.