The Comedy Spot  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Sacramento’s first comedy theater featuring improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy shows and classes. The Comedy Spot also produces original videos, short films, and comedy-related events, and is Northern California’s largest comedy school. Our Board of Directors and employees are dedicated to our mission!

Our mission is to bring people with diverse backgrounds and stories together to laugh and have fun. Sacramento Comedy Spot aims to connect people through fun comedy classes, shows, and events and to inspire comedy students and performers to challenge themselves, make a statement, and tell their story through comedy. 

To achieve our mission we support, encourage, and promote diversity and inclusion in everything we do so that we can truly connect people with different backgrounds and stories through comedy. 

Fun. Education. Entertainment, Inclusion. Connection.
More than just a comedy club. 


If you would like to support the Comedy Spot beyond taking a class and seeing a show, you can donate, volunteer, or become a content supporter! With your help, we can continue to expand our comedy school, produce new events, and, eventually, help us move into what we call Comedy Spot 3.0—a future location with more classrooms, rehearsal space, a new main stage, and a small black-box stage.



Every little bit helps! With your support we can continue to expand out comedy school, produce new comedy events, and eventually, help us move locations into, what we call Comedy Spot 3.0. Donate through Venmo or PayPal, or by clicking the button below. Gift cards to Best Buy or Amazon are great, too!


By becoming a content supporter, you will get exclusive live stream shows for free, and a first look at new videos. You can become a patron on Patreon, a subscriber on Facebook, or Twitch. And for now, subscribe to us on YouTube. We are hoping to be able to offer YouTube Subscriptions as soon as we reach 1000 subscribers.



Volunteering at the Comedy Spot is a great way to meet people, have fun, network with comedians and comedy fans, and see FREE shows! We always need help on show nights seating customers, picking up, taking pictures, and escorting customers to additional bathrooms. Apply today.


1050 20th Street #130, Sacramento, CA 95811

Comedy Spot’s main theater, with shows five nights a week. On Fridays and Saturdays, doors and box office open 20 minutes before each show of the evening .


915 T Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

Our location for classes and rehearsals. Take a class with us!
We offer courses in improv, stand-up, sketch, and video.

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Brian Crall

Founder, GM, Director of Fun

Tina Jett

Assistant General Manager, Controller of Chaos

Justine Lopez

Support Staff, Social Media

Troy Nelson

Bar, Ambassador of Buzz

Patrick Blanson

Bar, Volunteer Coordinator, Head of First Impressions

Andrew Sarchet

Stage Tech, Pusher of Buttons

Miriam Ellis

Box Office, Chief People Herder

Mackenzie Crall

Box Office, Bar, World's Smallest Bouncer

Jordan Varney

Box Office

Coreen Lemcke

Video Content Editor


Sara Aghamohammadi


Greg Sabin

Chief Financial Officer

Rico Garcia

Chief Marketing Officer

Ron Dumonchelle

Chief Technical Officer

Brian Crall

Founder/ GM/ Director of Fun

Mel Gelbart

Chris Emery

Patrick Vath

Shahera Hyatt

Mickey McKim