Sacramento Comedy Spot has the largest comedy school in Northern California. We offer courses in improv, stand-up, and sketch, as well as several workshops in all types of skills. If you have any questions about the comedy school, please do not hesitate to contact us at classes@saccomedyspot.com.

We offer diversity scholarships for our core classes! Learn more HERE.


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How old do you have to be to take a class?

The Comedy Spot comedy school is designed for adult students. The minimum age required for all courses is 18.

Which class do I start with? Can I pick any of them?

All course types have a 101 level, where all students should begin. For improv, all students must begin with 101 and then progress to each subsequent level upon successful completion of the one prior. Prerequisites will be noted, if applicable.

Not sure if you should start with improv or stand-up? We encourage Improv 101 as a good intro to comedy and allowing yourself to get comfortable with it, as well as many published benefits that enhance your daily life. Those pursuing stand-up will find added benefits from learning improv that will enhance their stage presence during open mics and showcases.

Want to improve skills like communication, listening, working with others, and getting out of your shell? Take improv!

Want to improve skills like public speaking, storytelling, and writing? Take stand-up!

Still have questions? Email us at classes@saccomedyspot.com.

I have taken improv classes elsewhere. Where do I start?

All listed prerequisites for advanced-level classes must be completed prior to registration. Every comedy school approaches their curriculum and philosophy differently. It is important, and beneficial, for you and your classmates to have the same level of Comedy Spot training and vocabulary. To begin your training with us, start at Improv 101.

Where is my class located?

Unless online or noted below, all core classes are located at the Comedy Spot Training Center – 915 T Street, Sacramento 95811

Workshops are typically located at the main theater on 20th Street. Please refer to your individual workshop’s description for location information.

Stand-Up 201 will have its first night of class meet at our training center (above), with remaining class nights meeting at the Comedy Spot main theater – 1050 20th Street #130, Sacramento 95811

What do I need to bring and wear?

Wear comfortable clothes, closed-toed shoes, and be prepared to move (especially for improv)! Wear clothing that allows you to be physical and move freely while remaining appropriately covered. No skirts, short shorts, or anything too revealing. Bring something to take notes, if desired. Beverages are permitted when held in a sealed container. Please refrain from bringing food, unless necessary.

How can I get in touch with my instructor?

Refer to the Instructors section, below, for the email address of your session’s teacher.

How Does My Student ID Work?

Students are strongly encouraged to see Comedy Spot shows related to their course of study while enrolled. Students will be given ID cards that give them unlimited admission to shows Tuesday through Thursday at the Comedy Spot.

  • ID cards can only be used while enrolled in the class, and will expire after the date indicated.
  • ID cards can only be used by the student.
  • Students can see UNLIMITED shows Tuesday through Thursday for FREE with their ID card. Present your card to the box office attendant when you arrive. No reservations are needed. Admission is pending availability.
  • Each student will also receive TWO tickets to Anti-Cooperation League, our flagship improv show. These can be used by anyone. Present your ticket to the box office attendant when you arrive. No reservations are needed. Admission is pending availability.
  • Student ID admission is not valid for shows with ticket price of $15 or more.
  • ID cards are also good for FREE admission to student graduation performances.

Do you offer discounts or scholarships?

While we do not have any standing discounts for our courses, we do occasionally toss one out there. Sign up for our weekly email and our text message service to hear about them first!

Our comedy school does offer a diversity scholarship. Learn more here.

Do you offer refunds on classes?

Refunds are offered at the discretion of the Comedy Spot, on a case-by-case basis. Should you wish to transfer to another session prior to the beginning of your course, please contact us at classes@saccomedyspot.com at least 3 days in advance of the start date. After the start of class, transfers and are not permitted and make-up classes are not available.


Brian Crall

Improv, Sketch

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Justine Lopez


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Dustin Seidler


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Ryan King

Improv, Helix Coach

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Tessa Brown

Improv, Helix Coach

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Coreen Lemcke


✉️ Email

Hawley Allen


Ruben Acosta

Helix Coach

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Janay Lovering

Musical Improv

Steven Boyd

Musical Improv

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Marco Cabodi


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Jaime Fernadez


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Drew Absher


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Attend Class

  • Each class builds on the ones that came before it. Continued attendance is the best way to learn and develop new skills.

  • If your schedule changes, please contact classes@saccomedyspot.com.


  • Know your physical limitations. (They are the same onstage as off.)

  • Also, when we do warm-ups or drills that are physical, you are free to be as physical as you are comfortable. You can even modify anything to fit your comfort level. 

  • Don’t climb on, lift, or be physical with other students.

  • Students should not be under the influence of any substance during class.

  • Soft-soled, closed-toed shoes

  • No flip flops, sandals, boots, or heels

  • Wear clothing that allows you to be physical and move freely while remaining appropriately covered. 


  • Non alcoholic beverages are permitted inside the Training Center and Comedy Spot as long as they have a cap or lid to prevent spills.

  • Please be sure to gather your belongings and pick up your trash at the end of class. 

  • It’s OK to ask questions!

Appropriate Conduct

  • If down the line you create or get cast in a show, you should have a frank and honest conversation about the type of contact and content each member of the group is comfortable with.

    • In class we should keep the content PG13 or under. Be smart.

    • Please don’t touch each other.

    • Don’t create scenes that are misogynist, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or that disrespect historically marginalized groups. 

    • These are adult classes, and adult subjects might come up. If you are not comfortable with adult subjects then this may not be the class for you.

    • Learn to play clean, being dirty can be a crutch. 

  • A lot of our students become friends, but just remember, you are just getting to know each other.

    • Don’t assume consent. A lot of our students become fast friends. But you don’t assume that you can hug, touch, or walk people to their cars without consent. 

    • Establish clear boundaries through open communication. What is, and is not, okay.  “I feel uncomfortable when you sit too close to me, can you give me a little space?” 

    • Understand and accept people’s boundaries. 

    • Talk to people when they cross those boundaries. 

    • Talk to me or contact the Conduct Committee if you have talked with someone and they aren’t respecting your boundaries. 

  • Treat everyone with respect. Harassment (unwelcome conduct) of any kind will not be tolerated.

    • Copies of the Misconduct Policies and Procedures are posted in the lobby and on the Student Resources page. 

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