Film and video are some of the best ways to expose your comedy to the masses. Our writing and technical courses will start you on your way to expressing your creative ideas.

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All core classes meet at the Comedy Spot Training Center, at 915 T Street in Sacramento.

  • Upcoming Start Dates: TBA

Video 101: Comedy Filmmaking Basics is a six-week course that will give the beginning filmmaker a strong foundation in visual comedy techniques and film comedy theory, so they can start making better, funnier videos right away. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on you’ll learn the basics of shot composition, camera movement, pre-production, directing, and editing, all through the lens of comedy. By the end of the class, you’ll have completed a group project to show the world!

  • Upcoming Start Dates: TBA

Screenwriting 101 is all about writing the short comedy film. Students will learn storytelling principles, screenwriting mechanics, and comedy theory by watching short films, reading short scripts, and writing their own short screenplay. Students will also learn to give and to receive constructive feedback. By the end of class, students can expect to have completed a first draft, along with notes from their teacher and peers to help them with their next draft, because writing is rewriting.