We conduct improv workshops for businesses and groups, but with a focus on straight fun and having a memorable team experience! 

Round up your friends or colleagues and release some stress! (You may also sneakily get some team building and communication lessons learned along the way, but it will feel like fun.) Get lost in playing games and laughing for a couple hours! Our group workshops are for those looking to just have a good time and have something to chat about at ye olde water cooler on Monday. This is a work-free zone! 

Improv Classes
The deets:

Workshops may be held at your location or ours (pending availability). Other costs may be associated with the final amount.

  • 1.5 to 2 hours, minimum – $600 (base rate)
  • 2 to 3 hours, maximum (with two 15-minute breaks) – $850 (base rate)
  • Group size: 10 minimum, 25 maximum
  • Wear comfortable clothes, closed-toed shoes, and be prepared to move!

Please complete the interest form below and we will get in touch to talk about possibilities!

Group Workshops
What length of workshop are you interested in?
Workshop length: 1.5 hours minimum, 3 hours maximum
Group size: 10 minimum, 25 maximum
Are you interested in having the workshop at your place or ours?
Please note: Off-site locations should be in open areas, free of obstacles and shielded from inclement weather, and where loud volume or commotion will not disturb non-participants. Additional fees for travel may apply.
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