Our improv classes are for everyone! Learn improv, have fun, laugh, meet people! It’s like play time for adults. Start with our Improv 101 class and if you catch the improv bug, keep taking more classes!

Students who complete all three of our Core Improv Classes (Improv 101 – Improv 301) are permitted to audition for one of our Helix teams that perform weekly as part of Improv Wednesdays. From there, the sky’s the limit! Keep your skills sharp through workshops and special improv shows like Cage Match and Improv Jam.

Check out our Student Resources page for great information about all things comedy.

All core classes meet at the Comedy Spot Training Center, at 915 T Street in Sacramento.


  • Upcoming Start Dates:
    February 8 (Wednesdays)
    March 6 (Mondays)
    April 12 (Wednesdays)

When is the last time you had true fun? This eight-week Improv 101 course is the perfect fit for everyone! We teach you all the basics of improv. Basically, you are going to laugh for two hours each week and play like a kid. You will learn how to create comedy scenes off the top of your head, with no preparation or planning, inspired by students’ true stories. You will learn basic improv skills, like accepting and building on other student ideas, establishing and playing the pattern of the scene, and heightening your pattern from grounded to crazy town. You want to just have fun? You want to perform someday? This class is for everyone! Okay, let’s do this. Register. Stop messing around. Annnd, go!


  • Upcoming Start Dates:
    February 7 (Tuesdays)
    May 11 (Thursdays)

Prerequisite: Comedy Spot’s Improv 101

Improv 201 is all about scene work and giving you the confidence to stop thinking and let it rip! This class will focus on characters, improving your scene initiations, reacting in the moment, finding and playing fun simple patterns, and supporting your scene partner. Round two! Let’s make this happen. Register! Do it!


  • Upcoming Start Dates:
    February 9 (Thursdays)
    April 11 (Tuesdays)

Prerequisite: Comedy Spot’s Improv 201 

Improv 301 will give you some new tools for your improv tool belt. You will learn all the skills needed to perform the Helix improv form. Helix is a long-form improv structure in three beats, featuring characters, physicality, and strongly improvised scene work. Helix provides structure, but also allows for open, creative play, so it is good for performers who are still developing skills and is accessible to audiences. Helix was created by Comedy Spot founder Brian Crall, and 15 years of student and performer feedback and experiences. Students who complete Improv 301 are eligible to audition for a Helix team and the opportunity to perform in our weekly show, Improv Wednesdays


  • Upcoming Start Dates:
    March 9 (Thursdays)

Prerequisite: Comedy Spot’s Improv 101

In this 8-week short-form Improv Games course, students will learn and practice valuable skills like character, scene work, and physicality, all while having fun and playing improvised games similar to those see on the TV show Whose Line is It, Anyway? Playing short-form games will also help students think on their feet and build confidence. This course culminates in a class performance, giving students the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Improv Jam is your WEEKLY opportunity to get on stage and work on your improv skills by performing in a show. Up to 18 performers are divided into teams and paired with veteran Comedy Spot performers in a show inspired by an audience member’s suggestion. Performers will tell stories inspired by the suggestion, and then use those stories to create comedy scenes like Saturday Night Live, but created in the moment.

If you would like to perform in improv shows at the Comedy Spot, then it all starts with auditioning for a Helix team. Helix teams rehearse and perform each Wednesday night. If you would like some resources to help prepare you for auditions, please go to the Student Resources page on our website.

In Cage Match, two teams battle it out (perform for 20 minutes) in the Comedy Spot arena (on stage) to prove their mettle (hopefully win) in the ruthless, cutthroat world of improv (very supportive and positive). The audience vote decides the winners (true). The host (Kevin Cooley) deals with the losers (treats them well.)

What Is Improv?

Why Study Improv?

Think the only reason to take improv classes is to start a career in comedy? The skills you learn in improv can impact your life in many ways, beyond our four walls. Get in on the fun and register today!

Improv training provides many benefits:

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved public speaking skills
  • Enhanced acting abilities
  • Gained comfort in social settings
  • Refined brainstorming abilities
  • Improved listening and observation skills
  • Enhanced creative-thinking abilities
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Team development skills