Lacey was raised by reptiles in the far-off jungles of San Francisco. She spent a few years in a relationship with Improv in a time before social media existed. But then, she caught wind that Improv was cheating on her via a Craiglist “Missed Connections” post and left Improv for good… or so she thought! Improv is a seductive mistress and she found herself back in love with Improv and started taking classes at the Comedy Spot in 2019! Lacey is obsessed with unsweetened iced teas, singing during inappropriate moments, three-legged dogs and Paul Lynde’s 1976 Halloween Special (available now Amazon Prime). If you look closely, Lacey can be seen as “Background Actor 1”, “Background Actor 17”, and “Lady in Coffee Shop Robbery” in those movies you’ve seen. She works as a Fashion and Portrait photographer when she’s not on stage and has a wonderful family who puts up with her for some reason.

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