Mickey is a lifelong devotee of comedy. From watching Bugs Bunny to the Stooges to Carol Burnett to SCTV to SNL to live stand-up to Whose Line to local improv, she FINALLY decided it was time to stop watching and start doing. Mick is a semi-retired mom of two adult humans, and a semi-retired graphic designer who entertains herself by creating tiny illustrations of cute things and selling them on etsy. She lives in Davis with her science-teacher main man Ken and a passel of whippets, a breed of dog that looks like a cross between a horse and the skeleton of a horse. She breeds these delightful beasts from time to time, and loves nothing more than when people ask why her puppies look malnourished. Also known as Michelle, the nickname Mickey was bestowed upon her during childhood, long before she inherited the Mc surname via marriage. Despite sounding As Irish As Possible, Mick identifies with her Swiss/Italian heritage and will happily feed you so much cheese and all the wine any time you visit.

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