Ever since her first taste of comedy improv in NYC with the Upright Citizens Brigade, she knew it was only a matter of time—and location—to be in the sauce on a regular basis. After relocating to Sacramento in 2023, Moni checked out an improv 101 class at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, and has been coming back ever since. Where being in the sauce means being surrounded with exceptionally talented people, who keep her abs in shape by inducing Olympian amounts of laughter.

Why improv? For introverted writer-types like Moni, the spontaneous (and hilarious!) magic that happens with scene-play is one of the best creative workouts imaginable for how to think about good writing: strong characters, active scenes, leaning in to the unknown. Being brave and fearless. 

Why the Comedy Spot? Because she first discovered this place through two dear friends who cared deeply about community, laughter, and the importance of following your dreams. RIP Michael O’Connell and Vlado Zeravica. 

Helix Night – Prep Team

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