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1050 20th Street #130, Sacramento 95811

(916) 444-3137  | laugh@saccomedyspot.comsaccomedyspot.com

915 T Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

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Brian Crall – 916-402-4757 | laugh@saccomedyspot.com
Tina Jett – 916-803-6183 | tina@saccomedyspot.com



Box Office and Bar Comps and Discounts

Starting Tabs / Open Tickets – Take a credit card from the person requesting a tab and leave it on the till while it is open. This is a reminder to you and them that it will need to be closed.

Gift Card Redemption / Check Balance – Instructions for older plastic gift cards issued via Square.

Beer Styles Guide


• Saturday bartenders do not need to stock the cooler at the end of their shift. This allows for easier inventory counting and rearrangement by management.

Greg Sabin does not get paid for show performances. In exchange, he does not have to pay for his own beer.


Box Office and Bar Comps and Discounts

Admission Pass List

How to Refund an Item on VBO (video)

Box Office vs. Phone Sales Tabs on VBO
• Phone Sales is the option to use when adding a comp to a guest list in advance of the show. This will allow you to include their name. Click the space bar in required fields of information that you do not need or have (address, etc.) in order to bypass them.

Rewards Program
• Guests accrue points for ticket purchases that can be redeemed online for free tickets to a future show.
Look up someone’s account – Once ticket quantity is confirmed, select the green “Account Lookup” button below it. Enter the person’s last name or email to search and select the correct account. This will load all of their information, including rewards points. They will then get point credit for the transaction in progress.
• If a guest buys tickets at the box office and wants to get points for their purchase, but you cannot locate their account, please send the following to Tina so points can be manually added.
–> 1) name and email (or rewards number), 2) name of show(s) purchased, 3) number of tickets purchased
• Redemption of points for show tickets must be done online by the customer, when logged into their account. There is no option to redeem points for payment on the box office screen.



• Open Mic – All comedians that sign up on the list will get a playing card. They present this to the box office so you know they can be admitted for free. (Any local comedian may see Open Mic for free, regardless.)

Board Members – Comedy Spot board members do not have to pay admission for shows under $15.

Julie McGinnis
Jerimiah (Jeremy) Honer
Kelli Johnson
Elizabeth Bezark



  • When arriving at the training center, please check that everything is in tidy, welcoming order for students. For any issues or supply needs, please contact Tina Jett: tina@saccomedyspot.com or 916-803-6183.
  • Please reset your classroom for the next instructor: chairs in place, whiteboard erased, etc.

STUDENT IDs – IDs should be given to each student on the first night of class, along with one (1) free ticket to see Anti-Cooperation League.

  • Fill in the student name and expiration (month/year containing the final night of class) on the ID.
  • IDs allow free admission to any show Tuesday through Thursday, when presented at the box office. (Not valid for shows with a price of $15 or higher.) Must be used by the student, only.
  • ACL tickets may be used by anyone. They can be presented at the door for admission, pending availability. We do not take RSVPs.

PAYMENT – Instructors are paid via Venmo on the Monday following the first night of class.

STUDENT TRANSFER/DROP – Please have students email classes@saccomedyspot.com for assistance with enrollment changes.

COURSE FOLLOW-UP – At the end of your session, I will contact you to get a final update of attendance and any pertinent student information and add notes to individual registrations.


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