In an effort to train the next generation of Comedy Spot improv instructors and coaches, we created this program to ensure they are using best practices, have studied curriculum and policies, and are trained properly.

This free program will train participants to become Taste Test instructors and coaches. It will also make sure that current instructors and coaches get ongoing training. Students who complete this training may be selected to teach Taste Test and will be added to the Comedy Spot coaches roster on the Student Resources page.

In this training you will learn how to teach improv warm-ups, exercises and games. You will also learn how to give appropriate feedback and helpful lesson on how to manage a class. More information below.

If you are interested in participating in this training please complete the form below by June 4, 2024.  Once we have an idea of how many people are interested we will schedule the training. 

Please read the information and eligibility requirements below before submitting your information to participate in this program.


Dates and Locations TBD

Instructor & Coach Training Interest Form
Improv Classes
Requirements to Coach or Teach Improv Taste Test

To be eligible to coach or teach, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Are currently, or have been, a regular cast member on a Friday or Saturday show, in good standing, or you appear regularly on Friday or Saturday nights. If there is a question, we would rather you sign up for the Training then not.  
  • Performed on a Helix team for at least one full cycle
  • Completed all Sacramento Comedy Spot core improv classes (Improv 101-301)
Before coaching or teaching, candidates must be familiar with the following:

Additional resources will be sent to you after you sign up for training, including:

  • Improv Coaches and Instructors Handbook
  • Example Comedy Spot Incident Report and training
About This Training Course

Prospective and current instructors and coaches must attend ongoing training sessions to stay current on policies and best practices, be up to date on curriculum changes and program goals, and practice giving notes and coaching students and performers. 

• Taste Test Instructors – In addition to being familiar with Comedy Spot policy, goals, and curriculum, Taste Test instructors will need to know a variety of warmups, exercises, and games; why they are taught, what skills they highlight, and the intricacies of each game. 

• Coaching – Anyone can coach another team or show at the Comedy Spot. We feel that this free program will help individuals that would like to coach. Individuals who participate in this program and continue to attend training will be featured on our Student Resources page to make it easier for students and groups to find coaches. 

Prospective instructors and coaches who attend training sessions can arrange to shadow current instructors and coaches by contacting Brian Crall: laugh@saccomedyspot.com

Participation in this training program does not guarantee a coaching or Taste Test instructor position.

Helix Coaches and Core Curriculum Instructors

If you would like to be a core curriculum instructor in the future, you must first teach Taste Test. Improv 201 and Improv 301 instructors must also coach at least one full cycle of Helix prior to assuming those roles.

• Helix Coaches – In addition to the skills needed to be a Taste Test Instructor, Helix coaches will need to know how to communicate and give feedback to performers, understand the intricacies of the form, be familiar with the goals of the program, and have an understanding of the Comedy Spot’s core curriculum.

• Core Curriculum Instructors – In addition to the skills needed to be a Helix coach, instructors teaching our core curriculum (Improv 101-301) must show that they have mastered all of the elements of the class they are assigned to teach. Prospective core curriculum instructors will also need to shadow current instructors before they are assigned a class, and will also be supervised and receive feedback from one of their peers early on during their first assignments. 



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