CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Helix performers from our March 2023 auditions!

Brady DeMattei • Vita Doria • Raedene Harborth • Yuen Lenh • Linda Maldonado Bibaeff • Courtney McKinney • Kathleen Burch • Josef Salazar • Nijee Seawell • Tyler Swanson



Helix Auditions – TBA

YOU! The Musical Guest Performer Auditions – TBA

Location: Sacramento Comedy Spot
1050 20th Street #130, Sacramento 95811

Please refer to the tabs below to read the information and eligibility requirements for each show before submitting your RSVP.

Auditions RSVP

Auditions RSVP


If you would like to perform in improv shows at the Comedy Spot, then it all starts with auditioning for a Helix team. Helix teams rehearse and perform each Wednesday night.


Helix is a long-form improv structure in three beats, featuring characters, physicality, and strongly improvised scene work. Helix provides structure, but also allows for open, creative play, so it is good for performers who are still developing skills and is accessible to audiences. The Helix was created by Comedy Spot founder Brian Crall, based on 16 years of experience teaching and performing, student and performer feedback, and by watching thousands of improv shows.



Performers must have completed Comedy Spot’s Improv 301 after successfully completing our Improv 101 and Improv 201 courses. All three of these courses prepare students to be Helix performers.



Auditions are held at least three times a year. Audition participants will be divided into small groups and asked to perform a Helix from start to finish. Participants who are selected for a Helix team will be notified within a week.

Please submit your name via the RSVP form above. We will take participants the day of auditions, but if you RSVP, it will help us create groups ahead of time. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of auditions to check in.

We encourage performers at the Comedy Spot to wear casual clothing, soft-soled, closed-toe shoes (No flip-flops, sandals, or heels), and clothing that allows you to be physical and move freely while remaining appropriately covered.


WHAT TO EXPECT: Being Cast on a Helix Team

Helix team members rehearse every Wednesday (6:30PM) with a coach, provided by the Comedy Spot. Our goal is to give performers an opportunity to continue their training through regular rehearsals and performances. Performers do not pay to be part of these teams, and the Comedy Spot pays for your coaches. We are committed to giving our performers every opportunity to grow and improve. If you are cast on a Helix team, you will get an invitation to perform on a team during a 16-week rotation. At the end of that 16 weeks you may be offered another 16-week rotation, moved to another performance team, or dropped from the program. Coaches give team members constant notes and feedback.



Our Student Portal is your go-to source for reference material, class guidelines, FAQs, instructor information, and more.


Questions? Please email us at


YOU! The Musical is a completely improvised musical inspired by YOUR suggestion of a title. Each performance features a full story with heroes and villains, sidekicks and allies.


You! The Musical is a fully improvised musical featuring improvised songs and live piano accompaniment. Even the light design is improvised. The show is inspired by a title that is pitched and voted on by the audience. YOU! The Musical Form



Performer must have completed the Comedy Spot’s core classes Improv 101-301 and been cast on a Helix or Harold team for at least one session.



Please complete the form above so we have an idea of how many people will be auditioning and can plan accordingly. You may arrive day of without RSVPing.
• Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the schedule start of auditions to check in.
• Wear closed-toe shoes and clothes you feeling comfortable moving in.
• Audition participants will warm-up and then perform in several games and scenes.
• Auditions will last 60-90 minutes.


WHAT TO EXPECT: Being Cast on YOU! The Musical

You will be a guest performer on YOU! The Musical for up to 4 consecutive months. You will be trained on the YOU! The Musical form and best practices. You will also be paid for each show. YOU! The Musical rehearses from 9-11AM on the two Saturdays immediately prior to their scheduled Friday performance each month. Once you have been a guest performer on YOU! The Musical, you are eligible to guest in the future when the show is in need.

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